Pen & Ink Lesson 1: Limbering Up

Just to limber up, try copying the logo above freehand using any pen on any old scrap of paper. Use a pencil first if you like, then overwrite with the pen. Keep it as smooth and free-flowing as possible. This is probably more difficult than you think. You might then like to have a go … Read more

Pen & Ink Lesson 2: A Simple Arrangement

Here is an arrangement of simple ordinary objects. The point of drawing them is to help understand how different light sources show off basic forms: cubes, cones, spheres and cylinders and variations. Draw them in pen to get the hang of which direction to draw lines to describe the form with speed and minimum marks. … Read more

Pen & Ink Lesson 3: Cubes, Spheres & Cones

You can do all these suggestions whenever you like or not at all. Have a go at drawing anything when you’ve got a spare 5 minutes. Nobody needs to see it. It’ll take your mind off things. If you’re not sure which direction to go in with your pen-marks here are a few different ways … Read more

Pen & Ink Lesson 4

“My first attempt at dawdling. Perhaps if I had drawn the table, the dubious looking shading may not look as naff!” I think the spell check meant ‘doodling’, or perhaps it took longer than expected to draw. It’s a good first effort and this subject throws up some interesting things. When I look at the … Read more

Pen & Ink Lesson 5

Rosalie posted this on our WhatsApp group: “Monday morning and I thought this would be easy, Not so” I asked if she minded with me talking about this. I’m not criticising, just trying to help everyone. On the whole this is a good drawing. The top is the most difficult bit and that’s very accurate. … Read more

Pen & Ink Lesson 6: Is Tracing Cheating?

Who cares how a drawing or painting is achieved – isn’t the only thing that matters the result? “A picture is something which requires as much knavery, trickery and deceit as the perpetration of a crime.” EDGAR DEGAS Is there any such thing as cheating at drawing? Well, if so we better disregard the drawings … Read more

Pen & Ink Lesson 7

Here’s one of my drawings of Wortley. It’s a view from Finkle Street looking back up towards the village.This was drawn from a photograph without tracing or drawing in pencil first. I just went for it. This might not result in complete accuracy, but somehow for me it seems to work.It’s quite a simple technique … Read more