Pen & Ink Lesson 4

“My first attempt at dawdling. Perhaps if I had drawn the table, the dubious looking shading may not look as naff!”

I think the spell check meant ‘doodling’, or perhaps it took longer than expected to draw.

It’s a good first effort and this subject throws up some interesting things.

When I look at the planter I see a tapered cylinder. That’s a cylinder which is wider at one end than the other. I suppose it’s part way to becoming a cone.

The raised decorative circles on the planter appear more oval (or elliptical) as they reach the edge.

The feet are themselves are little tapered cylinders.

And it’s worth having a close look at the leaf shape before you start drawing. It wouldn’t be practical with this plant (is it an aloe vera?) but I would normally pick a single leaf and look at it from different angles.

Remember it’s a cylinder or variation when you draw a plant pot, coffee mug, telegraph pole or even somebodies neck.

Keep doodling!