Alan Taylor wins Penistone Artist of the Year

Penistone Artist of the Year

And the winner is…

Well I’m too modest to tell you (almost).

So what did I win:

Prestige, vouchers for art materials and a Tesco Hamper. But I also sold the painting for £500, half of which has been donated to children’s cancer research.

The weather was kind although I had to dig my pitch out of the snow with a shovel.

Here’s the result after 5 hours or so and some interesting conversations with locals.

I’ve now been roped into the Penistone Arts Collective so I won’t be eligible to enter this event next year.

And not one to miss an opportunity – don’t forget you can come and paint with me at Wortley Hall this month and be part of Penistone Arts Week. You could be Penistone Artist of the Year 2024.